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Catalogues, Data Pools, GDSN
Now What!!!

You just received a notice from Walmart or Loblaws or some other trading partner and they are talking about catalogues, item synchronization, GDSN's and all you know is that this is sounding expensive! Well, it can be - if you do not do your homework and rush into a decision that you'll have to live with for a long time. Call us for a free evaluation.

Item Synchronisation
What You need To Know.

Item synchronization refers to you putting all of your item numbers - along with their descriptions, price, colours, sizes - up in an on-line catalogue so that your trading partners can automatically download them and order from you so that all parties are using the same data. Data pools are simply the different places you can put them. And, if you really want to know, GDSN stands for Global Data Synchronization Network.

What you need to know about Data Pools
What You Really Need To Know

Unfortunately there are situations whereby your trading partner may be recommending a certain solution to handle the data synchronization, but that will probably NOT be in your best interests. They are doing this because they will be getting financial consideration for every partner they can point to that solution. You definitely do not have to do this. We have been synching data with these on-line data pools for over fifteen years and we can do this for you in a very easy and economical way. Additionally, there can be implications in gathering all of the necessary data to feed to these pools that must be considered. Let's talk.