Email Service

  Email Done Right. It is mission-critical. It must be available 24/7. It must be spam-free. I must have it available to email clients on PC's and Web-based so it can be accessed anywhere, anytime. It must be priced right. I do not want any of my people spending endless amounts of time supporting it. Actually, I don't want any of my people spending anytime on it. Got it? We got it! We set you up a bullet-proof, cloud-based service that is a joy to use either on your PC's or through a browser. Spam filtering built-in. All for $2 a month per mailbox.
  Stop the Insanity. If you have your own email server in-house then it is time to get rid of it and start saving money. Lots of it. And get much better service. Add up your costs. Computer to run it - let's say $3,000 per year. Software like Exchange to run it - let's say another $3,000. Spam filtering, anti-virus - let's say another $1,500. Then you need someone to patch it, upgrade it, administer it - let's say $10,000. These are all very conservative numbers by the way for a 50-user installation. So, for an annual cost of $17,500 you have in-house email with lots of problems and not great service. Get rid of all of that and pay only $1,200 a year. That's right. Put $16,300 in your pocket every year and no more head-aches. Did we mention savings on electricity and storage?

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