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Data Entry
The case for integration.

Sometimes the decision to integrate EDI data seamlessly with other systems is questioned. If the volume of transactions is low then sure, integration is not necessary, however, for any significant volume, the case for EDI integration is a no-brainer.

When presenting to client's this case, we often use the following comparison. We ask them to estimate the time it takes to open an envelope, key in 100 orders each with 100 line items, prepare an e-mail listing the 10 items that are not in-stock, print out an invoice and mail it, receive a cheque and go to the bank to deposit it.

Then we ask them to multiply that number by the number of their trading partners. Then we tell them that an integrated EDI system does all that automatically.

Internal Integration
Internal Integration.

To integrate EDI with your ERP or main transaction system, it all depends on the system we need to integrate to. A big ERP system (SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics) will have defined API's that detail the precise requirements for the data interchange.

Mid-range systems (Genius Manufacturing, Infor Visual Manufacturing, Richter, Visual-2000, Quickbooks, Simply Accounting) may have some capabilities. Small, home-grown applications like Bbx usually involve a little more work.

However, no matter what the system you would like to integrate, we have over twenty years experience of using API's, database access, Web services, and custom programming techniques to accomplish this.

External Integration
External Integration.

You may also need interfaces to carrier management (Fedex, UPS), or customs brokers, or Web e-commerce stores, or third-party warehouses. A well-designed EDI system effortlessly ensures that your data is processed and routed according to your requirements.