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Web Development
Help - It's A Mess!

You have a Web site, it's difficult to update, it looks old, it's not showing up in Google, you are not getting any new sales from it. Stop the insanity. You need a plan, you need control, you need to see how easy it can be. The simple fact today is that your Web site should be an ever-increasingly important part of your sales strategy. If it is not, you need to do something - and fast. We specialize in taking back control, identifying the right content with the right look, then providing the specific steps to achieve results. And these results have to continually be improving. Period.

The Plan
Okay, What Are The Specific Steps?

You tell us who your potential customers are. We design a strategy using all of the online and offline tools to reach these customers. Online means your Web site, social media Facebook and LinkedIn, blogs, email campaigns, and YouTube. Each of those areas must be addressed as they all will help. Offline means that all of your corporate objects are promoting your Web presence - cars, business cards, buildings, pens, jackets - and that all possible networking events are utilized. Once the potential customers are reached, we tell them why you are the right people to buy from and absolutely make it easy to buy.

The Solution
Nuts and Bolts?

You need a content creation plan and a content delivery plan. Let me explain. A content creation plan specifies who is responsible for creating content, what the content needs to be, and the frequency of creation. A content delivery plan ensures that it is easy to deliver the content and that the content is visible on all on-line tools. Additionally, if selling online is part of your objective, then we provide services to have all of your products made available on your Web site automatically. That's right. You do not have to do anything other than flag the products in your internal system and we handle all of the communications between your internal system and the Web site.