Mobile Development

  I Need A Phone App! What do I need to know? Right now the Android phones have the largest share of the market, followed by Apple's iPhone, then Blackberry, then Windows Phone.

Why Do I Care About That? Because each type of phone has their own development environment.

You Mean I Actually Need Four Apps??!! Yup.

Well, I'm Only Paying For One. Okay, we'll make it a Web app instead of a native app.

Great! Well, maybe. The fact is users love native apps versus Web apps because they are much more comfortable and natural.

I'm Not Sure What To Do. Mobile development is no different than than any other kind. The first question to be asked is what do you want the app to do? Depending on the answer we can use whichever type of app makes sense. Additionally, we can use a hybrid model that puts a wrapper around Web apps to allow them to run natively on each platform. It is not quite as effective as native apps, but can be a nice compromise.

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